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What is the “BMS” or "NeverDie" Battery Management System? - posted Jan 21, 2024

Lithionics has branded the lithium-ion battery’s Battery Management System as “NeverDie”. We often refer to this system as the BMS in short. Lithionics NeverDie BMS really sets itself apart from all other competitors on a number of levels. In short, it is simply the most robust, most simple to use, safest and feature-rich BMS available.

Lithionics NeverDie BMS is basically available in two main products:
blue dotInternal BMS – where it is built into the battery box.
blue dot As an external BMS box – where the BMS is self contained in a separate electrical box that connects to one or more Lithionics Battery Modules. For this option, there is an additional option called “Dual Channel BMS” which separates both the battery system’s charging and discharging functions. The Dual Channel BMS is optimal as it gives an added layer of potential functionality (important for marine projects) whereby if for example there is a battery charging error, the BMS will shut off the charging circuit but leave the load circuit open so that you can continue powering loads like navigation instruments, lights etc. The same also applies if a load error is detected – the load circuit will be closed but the charging circuit remains open so that you can at least continue recharging the battery.

The external BMS box option is always the best way to go as we can offer features that simply cannot fit on the internal BMS circuit boards and the external BMS uses a big military grade contactor – which again cannot fit on the internal BMS.

The Lithionics NeverDie BMS is proprietary and only works with the Lithionics lithium-ion battery products for the primary reason that it is in fact a two-part BMS with both a master control box that is in constant communication with our mini-BMS circuit boards (slaves) that are found on every cell inside each battery. This system works continuously together to provide both safety and battery protection functions that include but are not limited to the following:
blue dot Over current protection
blue dot Low battery Voltage protection
blue dot Temperature intervention (both too high as well as too low cell temperatures)
blue dot Short circuit protection
blue dot Major cell imbalances
Please Note: With the Lithionics lithium-ion batteries, cell balancing (as well as the State of Charge Monitoring re-calibration) occurs when the batteries are fully charged to 100%. As such, it is important to occasionally fully recharge the batteries to 100%. During your season of use, we recommend that at least every 2 weeks you fully recharge your Lithionics battery to ensure both cell balancing as well as accurate reporting of your battery's capacity through our State of Charge monitoring gauge or phone App.
blue dot And many more functions. Visit our BMS page for full details of all of the features included as well as the available options for each of the different Lithionics NeverDie Battery Management Systems.
One main difference in the BMS available at different Voltages is that the 12 Volt batteries have a single mini-BMS on each cell, but when we go to 24 Volts the number of mini-BMS on each cell doubles which again happens when we jump up to 51 Volt and 102 Volt batteries. When an anomaly of any sort that could cause a safety issue the Lithionics NeverDie BMS will shut off power at the battery to prevent any damage to your systems or the battery itself – within milliseconds. If the error was simply a momentary “blip” of some sort, the BMS will automatically re-latch and restore power at the battery without any personal intervention. However if it is a more serious problem or the battery has been depleted to its maximum safe discharge level of 90% discharged, then the operator will need to first determine what went wrong (you can check the status codes on our Battery Monitoring System), do what you can to remedy the error and then manually turn the battery system back On – either on the battery’s On/Off/Reset button switch on top of the battery or the On/Off/Reset button switch on external BMS box.

If the battery and BMS have turned Off because the battery is depleted, you can simply press the Reset button for 1 second to access some emergency power but at this point you should really begin recharging.

Both “Master” and “Slave” BMS or mini-BMS are constantly communicating and reporting from the cell level things like Voltage, Amperage, Temperature and so on.

The On/Off/Reset button switch is very simple to use: press it for one second to turn On or press and hold it for 4 seconds to turn it Off. Also, when the switch is in the Off position it will turn Off the internal battery heater system - if equipped.

In addition, the Lithionics NeverDie BMS also provides the basis for the Lithionics State of Charge or Battery Monitoring System which is available standard on every system with a Bluetooth Smartphone App for your smartphone or the same information can be displayed on an optionally purchased external Lithionics State of Charge gauge that we call the “Ion Gauge”. Both systems report 17 critical battery parameters which include:
blue dot Battery Voltage
blue dot Battery Temperature
blue dot Net Amps (the difference between any Amps being drawn or any Amps being charged). The system uses a super accurate Coulomb Amp counter that counts the number of Amps going in and out of the battery and shows if it is positive or negative as well as the Amp figure.
blue dot A graphical “Battery Fuel Gauge”
blue dot Status Codes – which can be very helpful in determining the battery’s health as well as troubleshooting if something goes wrong.
blue dot Hours remaining at current Amp usage.
blue dot Cumulative Amp hours used as well as history.
blue dot And more…

In addition, the Lithionics NeverDie offers valuable data export functionality or Telemetry via CANBus, Bluetooth or Serial Port, Serial UART BMS Data Telemetry (Alternate: Serial RS232) and Ethernet TCP/IP. We can also connect with your generator’s Automatic Generator Restart function and we can control alternators safely with either our alternator Field Circuit Control (FCC) or via CANBus to Wakespeed external Voltage Regulators.

The Lithionics NeverDie BMS system is by far the best engineered, feature-rich, safe and easiest to use available on the market. More information on the Lithionics NeverDie BMS as well as options and pricing is found on our website at:

Some images with page links referencing this article:

Lithionics battery management systems for lithium ion batteries
Click for a larger Lithionics NeverDie  BMS box image

Lithionics Battery 12 Volt battery system and external NeverDie Battery Management System installed on a 56 foot catamaran

A photo of one of our yacht Client's BMS installation

Click for a larger Iimage of the Lithionics ACR automatic charge relay for alternator charging two battery systems

The Lithionics ACR - for use with many modern alternators for proper battery bank isolation and optimal lithium-ion battery charging.

Lithionics Bluetooth State of Charge App for Android and iPhone Smartphones

The Lithionics Bluetooth Smartphone App

Click on the Lithionics SOC gauge graphic for a larger image

Optional Lithionics "Ion Gauge" for displaying the State of Charge and other lithium-ion battery data.

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Some of the Facebook and Instagram posts that Pinnacle Innovations has written - this one titled: What is the “BMS” or Battery Management System?

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