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Lithionics lithium ion batteries are the safe, reliable choice for all types of boats including ski boats, sport cruisers, sailboats and yachts
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Lithium ion batteries are the high performance, safe and reliable choice for ski boats of all makes and models, including Ski Nautique competition ski boats.

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We now offer Complete Electric Marine Motor Systems.
Here are a few of the Electric Direct Drive & Outboard Boat Motors we offer:
48 volt electric outboard motor engine lithium ion battery spacer
48 volt electric outboard motor engine lithium ion battery spacer
48 volt electric outboard motor engine lithium ion battery spacer
Direct Drive Electric Motors from 6HP to 200HP diesel equivalent.

6 horsepower to 200HP electric boat motors - high efficiency and powered by lithium-ion batteries

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Call us to order or for more information on Electric Outboard Motor propulsion systems
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List of Yacht Manufacturers
List of Sailboat Manufacturers

List of Yacht Manufacturers - Yacht Builders & Yacht Boatyards:

  • Sea Ray Yachts
  • BaylinerYachts
  • Meridian Yachts
  • Campion
  • Regal Yachts
  • Hourstan Glasscraft
  • Cigarette
  • Donzi
  • ABD Aluminum Yachts Canada
  • Abeking and Rasmussen Germany
  • Allan Tongs New Zealand
  • Aylward Trawlers
  • Amels previously Amels-Holland Netherlands
  • American Custom Yachts
  • Aprea Mare (Italy)
  • Aquanaut Yachting Holland
  • ARS Monaco
  • Atlantic Yachts Netherlands
  • Azimut Yachts Italy
  • Baia Italy
  • Barbo Yachting Netherlands
  • Bartlett Marine Ltd New Zealand
  • Broward Marine (previously known as Broward Yachts)
  • BSC Marine Group - commercial boats, workboats, yachts (Australia)
  • Bluewater Yachts
  • Bruckmann Yachts
  • Bucklers Hard Boat Builders (Nelson Cruisers) England
  • Burger Boats
  • Cabo Yachts sportfishing boats
  • Carver Yachts - a Genmar company
  • Cheoy Lee Shipyard - commercial vessels and yachts
  • Conquest Yachts - aluminum yachts from Ukraine and Florida
  • Covey Island Yachts (Nova Scotia)
  • Crescent Yachts also known as Crescent Custom Yachts
  • Crosswater Cruisers Yachts
  • CW Hood Yachts
  • Dalla Pieta Italy
  • De Birs Yachts (Egypt)
  • DellaPasquadc Italy
  • Delta Yachts
  • Dettling Yacht Company Maryland
  • Dovercraft Yachts - aluminum
  • Egg Harbor - sportfishing yachts
  • Fairline Yachts (U.K.)
  • Feadship Holland (Netherlands)
  • Ferretti Yachts (Italy)
  • Genesis Yachts
  • Gozzard Ontario Canada
  • Grand Banks Trawler Yachts and Eastbay Cruisers Grand Harbour Yachts
  • Gulf Craft Guy Couach (France)
  • Hakvoort - aluminum and steel yachts
  • Hardy Marine UK
  • Hatteras Yachts
  • Hinkley Yachts
  • Huckins Yacht
  • Island Packet Yachts
  • Island Pilot
  • Jefferson Yachts
  • Kadey-Krogen Yachts - trawler yachts
  • Knight & Carver Yachts
  • Kha Shing (Taiwan)
  • Ladenstein Yacht Austria
  • Lazzara Yachts
  • LeClercq Marine Yachts
  • Lightwave Yachts Australia
  • Lissen Yachts Luhrs (Luhrs, Mainship, Silverton) - sportfishing yachts
  • Lurssen Yachts
  • Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding
  • M2 MotorYachts
  • McKinna
  • Magnum Marine
  • Macquarie International Motor Yachts (Australia)
  • Maiora luxury yachts Italy
  • Marchi Italy
  • Mariner Yachts International - trawlers
  • Marlow Explorer Yachts
  • Marquis Yachts - previously a Genmar company
  • Mikelson Yachts - sportfishing and pilothouse yachts
  • Millennium Super Yachts
  • Monachus Yachts
  • Morgan Yachts
  • Mulder Shipyard (Netherlands)
  • Navigator Yachts
  • Neils Helleberg Yacht Design and Alden Yachts
  • Neptunus Yachts
  • Neville Trawlers
  • New Ocean Yachts Taiwan
  • Newport Runabout
  • No Limit Ships Holland
  • Nordhavn Yachts and Trawlers
  • Nord West (Sweden)
  • Northern Marine custom built yachts Washington
  • OceanAire Yachts Washington
  • Ocean Alexander Motor Yachts
  • Oceanfast Yachts
  • Oportal - trawlers, yachts - Indonesia
  • Ozkalay Yachts by Agantur Inc. (Turkey)
  • Pacific Mariner (Now made by Westport Pacific Motor Yachts - trawlers)
  • Palmer Johnson Yachts
  • Peter Nichols - steel boats, yachts and cruising barges UK
  • Piney Creek Boat Builders - Suwanee yacht
  • Post Yachts - sport fishing and cruising yachts
  • Princess Yachts - (UK)
  • Queenship Yachts
  • Revenge Yachts - custom yachts
  • Riviera - sport yachts and flybridge Australia
  • Rodriguez Italy
  • Sabre Yachts
  • San Juan Yachts Washington
  • Sea Force IX
  • Sea Gem Custom Yachts China
  • Seahorse Marine China
  • Sealine
  • Sealord England
  • Seaton Yachts
  • Shannon Yachts
  • Sharaf Yachts UAE
  • Shelter Island Runabout (CH Marine - New York)
  • Silverton Marine New Jersey
  • Skipper Liner
  • Spencer Yachts Storebro (Sweden)
  • Sunnfjord - trawlers, yachts Washington
  • Sunreef Yachts - luxury catamarans
  • Sunseeker Yachts
  • Symbol Yacht Taiwan
  • Tarrab Yachts (Argentina)
  • Tecnomar (Italy)
  • Tiara Tiffany Yachts
  • Timmerman Yachts (Russia)
  • Titan Custom Yachts
  • TOMCO American Tug - trawlers Washington
  • Tradition Trawlers
  • Trinity Yachts Mississippi
  • Tuna Yachts Netherlands
  • Vaudrey Miller Tenders - superyacht tenders
  • Viking Marin (Turkey)
  • Viking Sport Cruisers
  • Viking Yachts - sportfishing, converible and motor yachts
  • Wadia Boat India
  • Waterline Yachts
  • Wesmac yachts
  • West Bay SonShip Yachts Ltd. (Canada)
  • Westport Yachts
  • Wilbur Custom Yachts
  • Winning Yachts Australia
  • Zeta Yachts BC Canada


List of Sailboat Manufacturers:

  • Amel Yachts
  • Allen Boat Company
  • Baltic Yachts
  • Bavaria Yacht
  • Beneteau Benetti (Italy)
  • Bethwaite Design Marcelino
  • Botin Bowman Yachts
  • British Hunter (UK builder - also known as Hunter Boats)
  • C & C Yachts
  • C & L Boatworks (Canada)
  • Cabo Rico Yachts
  • Cascade Yachts
  • Tony Castro
  • Catalina Yachts
  • Columbia Yachts
  • CW Hood Yachts
  • Laurie Davidson
  • The Downriver Boatworks Ltd.
  • Dufour Yachts (France)
  • Elan Yachts
  • Etap Unsinkable Yachts
  • Farr Yacht Design
  • Fairlie Yachts
  • Ferretti Group (Italy)
  • Flying Scot - dinghy
  • Gil's Catamaran (Southern California)
  • German Frers
  • Hallberg-Rassy
  • Hampton Yacht Group
  • Hans Christian Yachts
  • Hinckley Yachts
  • Hobie cat
  • Ron Holland
  • Ted Hood
  • Rob Humphreys
  • Hunter Marine - a US builder - known as "Legend" in Europe
  • Hylas Yachts
  • Island Packet Yachts
  • Jeremy Rogers Limited - Maker of 'Contessa' Yachts
  • Jason Ker
  • Juan Kouyoumdjian
  • LaserPerformance
  • MacGregor Yacht Corporation
  • Marlow Yachts
  • Melges Performance Sailboats
  • Najad Yachts
  • Nauticat Yachts
  • Nelson Marek
  • Nickels Boat Works
  • Oyster Marine
  • Pacific Seacraft
  • Doug Peterson
  • Rex-Meyer Yachts (USA)
  • Sabre Yachts
  • Nikl Design Reichel/Pugh Rustler Yachts
  • Santa Cruz Yachts
  • Select Yachts
  • Sensei Yachts
  • Shaun Carkeek
  • Shipman Carbon Yachts
  • Sparkman & Stephens
  • Southerly Yachts
  • Sydney Yachts
  • Swan
  • Tartan Yachts Tecnomar (Italy)
  • VPLP Rolf Vrolijk
  • WindPearl Yachts
  • Wally Yachts
  • X-Yachts


Lithium ion batteries for RV's, Travel Trailers and Campers
Lithium ion batteries for Sailboats and Yachting Lithium ion batteries for Sailboats and Yachting
Lightweight, high performance Lithionics lithium ion deep cycle batteries for recreational vehicles and travel trailers, marine including yachts and sailboats, solar power systems and industrial projects
Lithium battery spacer MORE POWER
Lithium battery spacer 1/5 WEIGHT OF AGM/ LEAD
Lithium battery spacer LONG LIFE
  lithium battery spacer
~ Deep Cycle
lithium battery spacer Lithium
~ Engine Cranking
lithium battery spacer Lithium
lithium battery spacer Batteries
~ RV Lithium
lithium battery spacer Batteries
~ Marine Lithium
lithium battery spacer Batteries
~ Large Scale
lithium battery spacer Lithium-ion
lithium battery spacer Batteries
~ Solar Power
lithium battery spacer Lithium
lithium battery spacer Batteries
~ Truck Industry
lithium battery spacer Lithium
lithium battery spacer Batteries
lithium battery spacer
~ Lithionics
lithium battery spacer Battery
lithium battery spacer NeverDie BMS
~ Dual Channel
lithium battery spacer BMS
~ State of Charge
lithium battery spacer Monitoring
lithium battery spacer Systems (SOC)
~ CANbus
lithium battery spacer Controls
~ Alternator
lithium battery spacer Controls
lithium battery spacer
~ Sailboat/ Yacht
lithium battery spacer Inboard &
lithium battery spacer Outboard Electric
lithium battery spacer motors
~ 5hp, 9.9hp, 14hp,
lithium battery spacer 20hp, 30hp &
lithium battery spacer 50hp electric
lithium battery spacer outboards
~ 6hp, 12hp, 20hp,
lithium battery spacer 40hp, 70hp and
lithium battery spacer 100hp electric
lithium battery spacer inboards
~ Lithium-ion
lithium battery spacer and Victron
lithium battery spacer Energy AGM
lithium battery spacer Batteries
lithium battery spacer
~ Sailboats
~ Ski Boats
~ Bass Boats
~ Sport
lithium battery spacer Cruisers
~ Offshore
lithium battery spacer Racing
lithium battery spacer Boats
~ Yachts
~ High Output
lithium battery spacer Alternators
lithium battery spacer with
lithium battery spacer External
lithium battery spacer Wakespeed
lithium battery spacer or Balmar
lithium battery spacer Voltage
lithium battery spacer Regulators

lithium battery spacer
~ Class A, B & C
lithium battery spacer Recreational
lithium battery spacer Vehicle Lithium-ion
lithium battery spacer Batteries
~ Mercedes Benz
lithium battery spacer Sprinter Van
lithium battery spacer Lithium-ion
lithium battery spacer Batteries
~ Deep Cycle &
lithium battery spacer Engine Cranking
lithium battery spacer Lithium-ion
lithium battery spacer Battery Systems
~ High Output
lithium battery spacer Alternators with
lithium battery spacer External Wakespeed
lithium battery spacer or Balmar Voltage
lithium battery spacer Regulators

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Lithionics Battery lithium ion batteries are the safe and reliable choice for Ski Nautique and wakeboard and competition ski boats. Contact us for Lithionics Battery marine rated lithium-ion batteries for sale across Canada in British Columbia (BC), Alberta (AB), Saskatchewan (SK), Manitoba (MB), Ontario (ON), Quebec (QC), New Brunswick (NB), Nova Scotia (NS), Prince Edward Island (PEI), Newfoundland (NL), Yukon Territory (YT), Northwest Territory (NT), Nunavit (NU), Iqaluit, USA. USA & International Orders are also possible.
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